My Story

Mark Yuzuik was raised in a family where love was in abundance and money was not.He witnessed his parents struggle through many hard times and swore to himself he would find a way to become wealthy so he could take care of his family.

As Mark grew up, his thirst for creating wealth was only exceeded by his passion for helping other people.Today, Mark is a self-made multi-millionaire who has touched the lives of people everywhere he goes. He gives credit for his success to his willingness to always strive for more. 

Mark surrounds himself with the types of people that are willing to hold him accountable to the standards he needs to live by in order to maximize his talents.

`Mark Yuzuik is a true picture of what is possible when someone 

truly commits themselves to something more than where they are.``

As an avid student, Mark has found his coaches to be one of the most vital components to achieving his dreams. 

 He teaches his students that simply having the knowledge is not enough…you must consistently take the actions necessary as well and a coach can be one of the best investments you’ll ever make in helping you to make your dreams a reality. 

Mark also conducts multi-day seminars along with his partners in the areas of Real Estate Investing, Personal Growth, and Hypnosis.While many speakers teach these same types of programs, it is 

Mark’s love of people and his passion for making a difference that will shine through in his words and in his presence on stage.

Our Story

Mark & Yolanda

In 2008 Yolanda Martinez was working in Los Angeles at a major book convention as a booth representative and in the booth next to Yolanda’s was Mark Yuzuik. 

It was that weekend that both Mark & Yolanda’s life would never be the same. Never separated from that point, Yolanda is now helping Mark with his Hypnosis shows and Transformational seminars all over the world. 

 Yolonda is a major part of the show – she adds so much with her smile and making sure all goes well so the performances are the best they can be. 

Mark and Yolanda are very in love and want to share their passion of shows and educational programs with everyone they can, helping change their life for the better.